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Secrets to a longer life Lose weight and keep it off Stop alcohol, drugs, depression, pain, acid reflux, high blood pressure, insomnia, anorexia, and bulimia Find out why you are the way you are, we will x-ray your mind like an MRI and find our exactly what you need to improve your life The natural way, no medication This is what you have been praying for.

Now that you have met your life coach, Sam Meranto, find out his secrets, for a longer, healthier, more successful life. Click →This← to get your evaluation.
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Sessions have been used Yale hospital, Tuscon medical center We don’t work out of a box number, you can come here and get help at our center near the phoenix airport, or you can get help at home right now no matter where you live in the world This is what you have been praying for, this is guided meditation states in the bible, lay down in your bed and open your mind

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 Special: fill out the evaluation form, we will pinpoint exactly what you need.

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We pinpoint the areas you need help in, it’s like doing an MRI of your mind. It is not going to cost you thousands of dollars. The strongest proven program in the world

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Sam’s office, he’s been there 41 years, that should tell you something. Sam was born 1931 he has found the secret of a happy long life.  He is in better shape than most 50-year-olds he wants to teach you how to get in shape. You have seen the recent video above, does he look like he is over 80. That’s the kind of life coach you want, one that practices what he preaches.

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If you are in Arizona, Come In for a free session and consultation. 4440 E Indian School Road, off 44th st and Indian School

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Sam has been training doctors, psychiatrists, and laymen since 1952.

The Only Customized Program of it’s Kind in the World!


 Special — fill out this evaluation, we will pinpoint exactly what you need.

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We pinpoint the areas you need help in, it’s like doing an MRI of your mind. It is not going to cost you thousands of dollars. The strongest proven program in the world.

Everyone is different, this program is tailored just for you.


Actual Client – lost more than 100 pounds and became a top real-estate agent

Come into our office for a session and consultation. If you live out of state, You can have a session right now and a consultation on the phone,  we will tell you exactly what you need, where you are making mistakes in your life. This will help you physically and financially even guide you in better relationships with loved ones and co-workers. You can fill out the Life Style Analysis below (it’s like having an MRI of your mind it won’t cost you thousands of dollars) you also receive a personal phone consultation. Act now this is a limited offer. This may be all you need to guide  you in a better life. We are a non-profit organization, we charge people according to their ability to pay. Some people have gone through the program free of charge. We will know more after we read your evaluation. You have suffered long enough, maybe God guided you here to get some help.




We will go to our library of 1,800 proven sessions.  We select some 10 hours of sessions that have worked for thousands of people. These are hand selected and made up on our own equipment on CDs. You can even put them on your computer,  iPod or phone. People who have serious traumatic problems, we may have to call on the phone to get additional information. If so it will be no extra charge.

This is like having an X-Ray or MRI of your mind. What you are paying for is 60 years of research and the evaluation, to pinpoint your needs.  There is no charge for the CDs. The CD's are guaranteed against damage for one year. It is unethical to make guarantees or promises of results. We work similarly to doctors and hospitals. Many doctors have taken this course themselves and referred their patients to us.  Everyone is special and unique and needs special attention. Sam has been teaching and training laymen and doctors since 1952. You deserve the best!

Remember, you can get help at home, no matter where you live in the world. If you are in Arizona come into our office and meet Sam personally. He has a full-time office at 4440 E Indian School Road in Phoenix. Sam has been at the same location for more than 41 years. His's mediation sessions have been used at Tucson Medical Center, Yale Hospital in Connecticut, and many other places. People have gotten help after famous hospitals, universities and faith healers have failed. Professional athletes, celebrities,  professors, doctors, and the clergy have come to Sam to get help and salespeople have greatly increased their sales. After getting Sam's help Mark Battalini outsold 18,500 sales reps for Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.

 Special -- Fill out this evaluation, we will pinpoint exactly what you need.

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If you are not completely convinced that this program can help you, click on the Client Stories Tab Above & see what others have to say about their success. Sam Meranto is 85 years old and has found the Fountain of Youth. God has given him a gift to help people. "Put into practice the good things you hear and you will have life in abundance." 

If you believe in God and really need help, click HERE to see what others have to say about Sam Meranto's Guided Meditation program.

Our evaluation is like going in for an MRI or an X-Ray of your mind to find out exactly what you need. To find out what's going on with your life.  We will work hard to get you the results you want.  Act now, the offer may expire at any time. We are a faith-based organization, the All Faith Self Help Center.

Sam has charged the same prices for more than twenty years. He has the only full-time center like this in the world. Sam even has sessions in Spanish.  The money that you give us helps us to carry on the Lord's work. Sam gives free sessions to kids, to get better grades and to discourage gangs and drugs. He also provides sessions for veterans for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Have you had a problem with a buzzing in your ears, known as Tinnitus? So has Sam. He has created a guided meditation session to help erase that problem. If you know anyone who needs help, have them call (800) 580-5080. or Click on the free sessions - tab in the menu above. We only ask for a donation to cover shipping and handling, perhaps an additional donation to help further our work. 

Sam Bengermin, MD., who was written up in Life Magazine, "The Healing Revolution," told Sam Meranto that he was the true pioneer of mind control.