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We will X-Ray your mind, it's like having an MRI, and pinpoint the areas you need help in. This is the strongest program in the world. Meditation sessions have been used at Yale Hospital and Tuscon Medical Center; helping people since 1952. We will give you the test results plus an interview on the phone that will tell you exactly what it takes to turn your life around. It will help with stress, anxieties, and give you more information to get help. This may be what you have been praying for.
Hospitals charge $3,500 a day, JUST FOR THE ROOM!
people have spent more than $40,000 and did not get the help they needed.
Thousands have gotten help with this program, and we have documented it on youtube and youtube
Just for a few dollars you can help protect yourself


Look it over and pray about it!
You can get guided meditation sessions on CDs or downloads
They have been used at Yale Hospital and Tucson Medical Center
psychiatrists, M.D.'s, Nurses, and Clergy have come to us for their personal use

Do you want sessions in Spanish? YesNo

Thoughts of suicideAttempted SuicideAnorexiaBulimiaWeight (lose_ lbs.)Quit Chewing TobaccoPrescription Drug AddictionDepression

Stop PainQuit SmokingOvercome AlcoholismDrug AddictionIncrease SalesControl AngerImprove Sex RelationsSkin Problems

Loss of Loved OneHigh Blood PressureOvercome ShynessPositive AttitudeRelieve StressOver DivorceOver RelationshipLearn to Forgive

Worry & ProcrastinationHave Better MemoryGamblingStop Being NegativeInsomniaMigraine HeadachesDiabetesAcid Reflux

Were you close to your mother?YesNo
Were you close to your father?YesNo
Were you adopted?YesNo
Have you given a child up for adoption?YesNo
Are you SingleMarriedDivorcedWidowed
Are you suffering from PTSD? YesNo
Have you ever had an abortion? YesNo
This is a confidential document, it is like going to confession with your minister, no one can get this information without your permission, not even the authorities.

Have you ever been arrested? YesNo

Do you have memory problems? YesNo
Have you ever been raped or assaulted? YesNo

Sam was training medical doctors in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1952. Your CD sessions are actually free, what you are paying for is the evaluation to pinpoint the areas you need help in. It's like having an MRI of your mind. Dr. Norris a psychiatrist lost weight and overcame depression, he said he learned more in Sam's meditation program than all of his medical training and working with patients for 35 years.

The average person uses about 10% of their mind according to university studies. Everyone has natural talents and abilities that they are not using to their fullest extent. This program has proven to help thousands of people. Now, it’s your turn to get some help. There are many paths to life, and this program will help you get on the right path. Answer the questions truthfully. If you find any questions too offensive or personal, just overlook them. However, the more detailed information that you provide, the easier it will be for us to help you. Your evaluation is confidential, and this is your chance to get things off your mind that have been bothering you which could cause you to have all the problems listed above and many more not listed.

Allow up to two weeks to analyze and pinpoint the areas that you need help in. We will select from over 1,800 prerecorded sessions after we have read your evaluation. We then put together your custom program in a carrying case. You will receive approximately 10 hours of recordings. If you live in Arizona you can pick them up personally. If you live out of state we will mail them to you. Our lifestyle analysis is based on Biblical teachings in helping you break the chain reaction of recycling past family problems and bad experiences. This will help people of any religion. On the VIP program, Sam will work with you up to a half a day for an additional charge. Sam puts his heart into the prerecorded sessions and wants them to work for you long after he retires besides working with Sam personally is rarely ever needed. In case personal attention is needed he is training his help and doctors to carry on the tradition, and they will also continue to use his proven prerecorded sessions. This program may just be what you’ve been praying for. ©2018 By Sam Meranto

Act Now! This is a non-profit origination founded with the goal of making your life better. We work to make sure anybody can afford our services. Letting anything hold you back is keeping you from a life of peace. Some people have gone through this program FREE. The knowledge Sam Meranto wants to share is worth millions, and after a 40+ years of helping the community, he wants to help you.

All donations to Sam Meranto's All Faith center is tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Act now to get the savings. CD's are guaranteed for one year for replacement, you can put them on your I-Pods, computer, or phone. We will ship 10 hours of CD's in a beautiful carrying case. Your CD sessions are free, what contributions go toward is the evaluation to pinpoint the areas you need help in. It's like having an MRI of your mind. We may give you links where you can download the sessions yourself. This is an internet special, available online only. Offer may expire at any time. We want you to know it is unethical to make promises or guarantees. Results may vary with each individual. We work similar to hospitals and M.D.s, they make no guarantees. Doctors have referred their patients to us, and have taken this course themselves. Thousands of people received positive results, so can you. See a doctor when losing weight, coming off medication or going through any self improvement program. Get one that believes in God.

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