Come into our office for a free session and consultation, 8am to 5pm Monday through Thursday, Call for an appointment, walk-ins also welcome. Now you can enroll from any place in the world right here on the internet.  We will pin-point the areas you need help in and get to the root of your problems. Download the free evaluation below. You can also print it out and FAX it, mail it, or copy and paste it into an email. You can hear or download your first session to get started, at the bottom of this page, Faith Comes By Hearing. This session may be a good indication whether you would like to go further in this program. If you are looking at this perhaps God wants you to get some help. For phone orders call 1 (800) 580-5080, 8am to 5pm Monday through Thursday. Your information is confidential and will not be given out to anyone we are a spiritual counseling service. It like talking to the clergy.

Sam’s All Faith Self Help Center  is a  a non-profit spiritual organization, faith is the reason we get results after people have failed at everything else.  We pinpoint the root of your problem and make up audio sessions to meditate to and made positive changes in your life . 

You can reprogram your mind to change unwanted behavior including over eating, smoking, drinking, drugs, anger, and any other behavior you can imagine. Our sessions can also program your body to improve health issues like exercise more, improve sports, control High Blood Pressure, acid reflex, pain management, and most of all how to improve relationships & have better sex.

Sam’s sessions have been used at Yale Hospital and Tucson Medical Center – Psychiatrists, M.D.’S and Clergy have came to Sam for their own personal help. Become a believer! If you have been praying for an answer, perhaps God led you here. If you  are having financial problems and need our help, call us, we may be able to help. Call 1 (800) 580-5080, 8am to 5pm Monday through Thursday.


First fill it out then you can print this out to mail or FAX it, or you can copy and paste it into an email.

Meet your life coach, 84 year old Sam Meranto, still doing things he did at 40. Meet Sam on the video below:

Thanks for interest in our program
you can start right away and listen to your first session….. We suggest that you download it and listen to it when you have the time (18 minutes) and can relax in a comfortable place, it will explain how to tap the powers that everyone naturally has and how this program works in detail. Listen to it a few times.  Change Your Life with Behavior Modification.

Listen to this Powerful Meditation session on line NOW.

Download Now   You can right click the BOX on the left & save link as… an MP3 to anyplace on your computer to listen to latter.  Don’t listen to this while driving always check with a good medical doctor, while coming off of medication or going through a self improvement program. 



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