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    • Hospitals charge over $2,000 just for the room for one day this program is designed to keep you out of the  hospital as long as possible 

To prove how powerful Sam’s program is & how powerful your mind is, he will allow himself to be hit with a 10 pound sledge hammer to prove his point. Find out Sam’s secrets to a healthier happier life. (He doesn’t you doing this stunt though)

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 Sam Meranto had these problems 35 years ago. He read the side effects of prescription drugs. He said there’s got to be a better way, he found a natural way, at 83 years old he is living proof. 37 Years at the same location tells you   something—IT WORKS!
Come in for a free session and consultation.
4440 E Indian School, Phoenix   602-957-4669
Cost of program, $1.65 a day


Clients have spent over $30,000 at rehabs and failed. We have documented videos proving they got positive results on Sam’s program. Client say Sam is the world’s greatest therapist. Prove it to yourself and get help now.

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