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Guided Meditation Helps Stop Pain And Everything Below Without Medication:

Depression, H/Blood Pressure, Acid Reflux, Alcohol, Drugs, Anorexia, Diabetes, Mental Illness


Welcome To My Website

The people on this website are actual clients that have used Sam's guided meditation sessions. Sam's program is unique because his clients experience permanent results after using his sessions. They come back years later with permanent results that we documented on our website. 


If you have been praying for help, God guided you to this website. Fill out the evaluation online, and we will mail you CD's or links to sessions that you listen to online that pin-point your problems.



Get Help With Bad Habits

Lose Weight

An actual client coming back 25 years later, she lost 140 lbs and stopped smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day. 

Beat Depression

Dan Martin came to Sam after $18,000 on gastric bypass and weighing 325 lbs, and 25 years later, he weighs 185 lbs.

Make Money

Client lost 105 lbs and became the number 1 real estate agent in her office. Sam sales sessions will help you make money.  

Same Location For 37 Years

Look Younger

 Sam's  wedding picture taken Sept. 24th 1983. Today they weigh the same. Try Sam's sample session before you invest. 

Stop Drinking

This woman spent over $40,000 in alcohol rehabs with no results. She stopped drinking with Sam's Program.

Help For Kids

Sam and Marty Kove who starred in "The Karate Kid" brought his son Jessie to improve his behavior 10 years later a movie star. 

Unlock The Power Within


Sam Meranto has helped tens of thousands of people free themselves from bad habits and addictions. His lifes work has now been archived inside of this website. Sam wants everyone to have access to his life changing program, but he doesn't want to take anyone's hard earned money. Now you can try a sample session to see if this program is something that you would like to participate in. See for yourself and click the link below and experience the voice of Sam Meranto.  


Try A Sample Session


Testimonials From Actual Clients

Weight Loss

Watch this video testimonial from a real client that lost 70 lbs and gained a new career using the program.

Stop Depression

Patty was depressed and could not function. Her husband took her to the hospital 15 times in one month alone. 

Stop Smoking

This man stopped smoking and binge eating thanks to Sam he is now healthier than he has ever been in his life. You must see this.

Our Charity Helps People

Stop Stress

An Arizona Chaplain that managed his diabetes, beat depression and lost over 100 pounds using Sam Meranto's lifestyle.

A Word From Sam

Watch this video of Sam Meranto himself telling you about the incredible benefits of his lifestyle changing program.

Virtual Tour

Out of state clients can tour our offices and see our media center, dream room and moutain retreat in Prescott Arizona.

You Can't Afford Not To Join


Sam's Special Internet Offer


We have a special that you will love, we have put a special online program together for less than a cup of coffee, about $1.65 a day on time payments, you're worth it. We have one for $995, and another for $395. Going online cuts our expenses and that is why we can offer this greatly discounted program to you for a limited time only.


This is going worldwide for the first time, we even have sessions in Spanish. There are millions of people that never could get this kind of help thats proven to get results after hospitals universities and dr. to dr. have failed.


It is important for you to act right away because it may take a longer time to get your evaluation if we get flooded with people in need. You can put $195 down and pay $50 a month until paid. No Credit Check We Trust You.


We will mail you six CD's with 10 hours of stereo audio recordings or you can download them on your computer, they will help change your life. While losing weight or coming off of drugs, you should be supervised by a doctor that believes in God, and the power of the mind and not just pills.


We will select from our pre-recorded library of 1,800 sessions. We will either mail them to you, or send you a link to download them yourself. For people that have severe traumatic experiences in their life you can come in to our Phoenix office and you can work with Sam and his staff personally, and we will credit you the money that you paid towards your in house program.


People have flown in from all parts of the world just to get Sam's help.


We support many causes including veterans and helping children to stop bullying. Because we are always raising money for our causes, we don't want to beg for money we want to give you something back and thats a better life.


We have a special for a one time payment in full of $395 where you check off your needs, such as weight loss, depression, acid reflux and high pressure. The sessions are free what you're paying for is an analysis. We have the $995 program with time payments and if you want to save some money you pay $795 in full save 20%.


The shorter version will help the average person, if you have had severe psycological problems then you will need the long version. The choice is yours to get some help today.


Sam Meranto


Start Your Lifestyle Analysis Today

Confidential Lifestyle Analysis

You can fill out your evaluation online. What you are paying for is the x-raying of your life through the evaluation. It's like going to the hospital for an xray to find out what's wrong with you. 


Thats the only thing that you pay for is the xraying of your mind and the audio meditation recordings that we give you are free. 


It takes us up to two weeks or more to finish your analysis, and then we will select the sessions that pinpoint your needs, and then we will mail you your sessions or we will give you links to the sessions that you need so that you can download them. 

Choose Your Analysis:


Live The Life You Deserve

Its A New Lifestyle

Kerry Hansen spent over $4,000 on audio sessions to be a better salesman, and they did not help him. He was Sam's insurance agent. Sam said, "Don't be a cheapskate, take my course on salesmanship and weight loss."  24 years later he is the number 1 saleman for American Family, and he lost 75 pounds.   Lets get started on your new lifestyle.


You Can Do It

Update: You can now fill out your evaluation on line we analyze your needs. Pin point the areas you need help in and we will send you links to download your sessions, or we can mail you Cd's, it's your choice.



Try It Today



Sam loves everyone. He doesn't want you to spend a lot of your hard earned money on yourself unless he feels he can help you. He wants you to be happy. He feels that it would be a good idea to try one of his meditation sessions stronger than hypnosis. Sam has a diferent style like nothing you've ever heard before this session will help you stress and axiety. Value priceless we would appreciate a contribution of $15 or more that goes to help support our non-profit organization. 

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