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If you live in Arizona, or are a winter visitor, come in for a free session and consultation. 

Just come once – then finish at home!

Sam Meranto’s All Faith Self Help Center, a non-profit org.
4440 E Indian School Road, Phoenix, AZ  Call for an appointment 602-957-4669

Now available on-line world-wide
Also sessions in Spanish

If you live outside of the area – here is the free evaluation download, designed just for you, click the green box below!

  • No obligation, no personal information required for the download
  • You have been praying for help…  download our short evaluation now for your answer


Now take four easy steps  - 1) download the evaluation- 2) print it out – 3) fill it out – & 4)Send this personal information by, secure email to:  info@sammeranto.com or secured  fax directly to our main office,  Fax number: (602) 606-7352   or by U.S. Mail  to; 4440 E Indian School Road, Phoenix, AZ 85018

But before you fill out the free evaluation you’ll want to meet your life coach, Sam Meranto, in his office.  Simply watch the video below and you’ll feel like you are there – become a believer. Don’t invest your hard earned money until you meet your life coach.

  • Nobody has been helping people as long as Sam Meranto, since 1952 

  • Visit us in person or on the internet

Sam Meranto’s office is at 4440 E. Indian School Road in Phoenix, Arizona, near Scottsdale and the Phoenix airport. Sam’s has been helping people  for more than 60 years. What does that tell you?  God has got a hand in Sam’s  work. Now you can get help on line at home  & from any place in the world. We have helped people, where doctors and famous hospitals failed, it is documented on our videos (click actual results in the menu  bar above). Cost of program, $1.65 a day.

Don’t put it off, get started now. 

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