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If You Have Been Praying For Help
This May Be Your Answer

People have spent $8,000 to $40,000 at famous treatment centers and did not get the results they wanted, they got results with this program. Our program can cost $1.65 a day, less than the cost of a cup of coffee. People save thousands of dollars on groceries, addictions, and they are motivated to make more money.

Documented Proof of Success

We have documented actual clients on video, look them over. This is a customized program, no one has anything like this in the world.  We have gotten results for people after they have been to famous hospitals and  many doctors and faith healers.

You can download a Confidential Life Style Analysis of 225 questions, multiple choice, easy to fill out. Get your issues off your chest, it is like going to your Pastor, Priest or Rabbi, no one has access to this information, you don’t want your  private information on the internet.  Send it to us, through the U.S. Postal Service,  we will pinpoint the problems that you are having.  We will select up to ten hours of audio meditation sessions from our library of more than 1,400 prerecorded sessions.

Guided Meditation

This is much stronger than hypnosis, it is guided meditation, which is written in the Bible, lay down on your bed and meditate, and open your mind. If you have ears, listen and put into  practice the good things you hear, you will have life in abundance.

We will give you links to download sessions or mail you CD’s.  We want you to try the program before you invest your hard earned money. We are the All Faith Self Help Center, a non-profit organization.  We charge people according to their ability to pay – we want everyone to get  help. We have been in  business for almost 40 years at the same location in Phoenix, Arizona.

We have sessions for Veteran’s for Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. We also have sessions for young people to get better grades, stop bullying, gang memberships, school shootings, suicides and we give those away free. If you would like to be part of helping kids and our Veterans and our non-profit’s overall expenses, we will give you something back that will help improve your life. You will get an actual session and an analysis.

You Can Download Right Now

Make a contribution of any amount, no matter  how small, you can download right away a meditation session, plus the 225 question Life Style Analysis, you are not obligated in any way to take the complete course.  Listen to the session, look over the evaluation.  The session will help you with stress, anxieties, and help you realize the power this spiritual program has.

Pray about it, then make a decision, fill out the evaluation, send it in and get the help you deserve. On the back of the evaluation, it will explain how much it will cost to take the entire course. Look at the video testimonies on this page you can find more on YouTube, Twitter, Face Book and LinkedIn.  If you ever visit Phoenix, we are near the airport, come by our office so we can meet you personally. If you need some extra help, we are here for you.



Sam Meranto’s office is at 4440 E. Indian School Road in Phoenix, Arizona, near Scottsdale and the Phoenix airport. Sam’s has been helping people  for more than 60 years. What does that tell you?  God has got a hand in his work. Now you can get help on line at home from any place in the world. We have helped people, where doctors and famous hospitals failed, it is documented on these videos. Don’t put it off, get started now.

  • Come in for a free session and consultation

  • Come Once & Finish at Home

    • 4440 E Indian School, Phoenix  

    • 602-957-4669

    • Hospitals charge over $2,000 just for the room for one day this program is designed to keep you out of the  hospital as long as possible 

To prove how powerful Sam’s program is & how powerful your mind is, he will allow himself to be hit with a 10 pound sledge hammer to prove his point. Find out Sam’s secrets to a healthier happier life. (He doesn’t you doing this stunt though)

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 Sam Meranto had these problems 35 years ago. He read the side effects of prescription drugs. He said there’s got to be a better way, he found a natural way, at 83 years old he is living proof. 38 Years at the same location tells you   something—IT WORKS!
  • Come in for a free session and consultation.
  • 4440 E Indian School, Phoenix   602-957-4669
  • Cost of program, $1.65 a day

Clients have spent over $30,000 at rehabs and failed. We have documented videos proving they got positive results on Sam’s program. Client say Sam is the world’s greatest therapist. Prove it to yourself and get help now.

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